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New info about the 2017 NW Catholic Men's Conference:
2017 ConferencePerpetual Adoration
Saint Mary's Church has been in a state of Perpetual Adoration for 10 years. We are currently in need of volunteers to fill time slots to keep this service going. Weekly adoration starts Monday at 6PM and continues until Thursday 8AM. If you're interested in helping us with this important effort, please contact the parish.

Thinking of becoming Catholic?
If interested in learning more about joining the Catholic faith, we welcome inquiries about the Catechumenate. Call 541-276-6163 or 541-276-3615.


Marriage Preparation Classes

Engaged couples need to contact our Pastor 6 months before the proposed marriage date. Requirements for preparation will be given. Couples should not be living together prior to marriage.


The Diocese requires one session for parents and godparents to prepare for the Baptism. Classes are held on the last Thursday of the month in the RE building at 6:00 pm. Call the office at 541-276-3615 to schedule an appointment.

Communion Calls

Shut-ins, or anyone unable in any way to come to the Church, that wish to receive our Lord in Holy Communion, please call the office at 541-276-3615.

Anointing of the Sick

Please call 541-379-2833 to notify the priests of the need, so a visit can be arranged.

Hospital Visits

Please call the office at 541-276-3615 to notify the priests of the need, so a visit can be arranged.

Religious Education (R.E.) Classes

Wednesday evening 6:00 - 7:30 pm for all grades.

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